On the Gourmet Path

After dealing with ready made packed GF products for years, most customers are pretty much tired of the taste of it. The crave for a beautifully tasting fresh roll, warm bread or a crunchy chocolate cookie becomes overwhelming. For a GF person, it is in no way different than for any other human being who loves fresh bakery.

That's when I decided to create her own brand in Dubai: The Treat.


It has grown since then every day by new inventions.
It all started out with my grandma's heartshaped Christmas cookies in a GF reloaded version. Bagels were born and sunflower rolls. Hearty bread loafs followed, so tasty and juicy that it turned into the first GF Gourmet brand in the world. Baking became science on how to remove all the awkward tastes and textures that until then so often accompanied even freshly baked gluten free products.

  • The Brookster came into scope 
  • double choc chip cookies and vanilla wafers
  • pita bread, wraps & American pancakes 
  • soft & sweet dinner rolls, hamburger buns and whole grain mini baguettes
  • the finest granolas
  • the legendary cronut, of course gluten free. 
  • There were cookies of such fine quality that you can hardly find them in the market with gluten.

World's Best Gluten Free Inventions

So far, our company has designed more than 200 products – a range that is unique in the world market of gluten free – all freshly baked, all of them tried and tested to perfection. They are easy  to deep freeze, so that you just heat them in the oven or microwave as needed … if you make it to not eating them all at once!

Pizza, Italian bread variations and baskets, tortellini: Everything is possible and one discovery only opens the door to the next.







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